New Nocks app for Gulden merchants

New Nocks app for Gulden merchants

Updated article: 21/04/2017

On a daily basis, large and small businesses are building services supporting Gulden. This makes the acceptance rate of Gulden increase each day. With every step Gulden becomes better and more user friendly, and because of this, each day it also becomes a more serious alternative to the old, but well known, slow and expensive banks.

If you have transferred money abroad once, you know what I’m talking about. High costs and waiting for days! Thats why many Money transfer companies have jumped into that market. Promising quicker transfers but remaining as expensive or even more expensive when compared to traditional banks. For a transaction from Europe to America you will easily pay 25 Euro on fees.

Gulden payments are not entirely free of charge, but with transaction fees of a few tenths of a cent, these are considered negligible. In contrast, the transactions are almost instant, to anywhere in the world, at any time, including during the weekends.

And now there is something new. The Nocks Checkout App for Android. This app is for merchants and makes it very simple for them to accept Gulden payments. You are no longer tied to the web-based version. Your phone is now your cash register! At hands at all times. And with no monthly fees! You only pay a small fee per transaction as compensation.

These costs are between € 0.05 and € 0.25 per transaction. For that amount you get the free app, weekly transaction statements for your bookkeeper, and you can even get paid in Euros or a percentage thereof. Everything is self-configuring after registration (with your Chamber of Commerce number) at Nocks.

The Nocks Checkout App is currently only available for Dutch companies. Web-based traders can use the Nocks API. This also works for foreign companies and is easy to install in online shops using different plug-ins.

All in all, a simple way to accept Gulden in a rapidly growing market with enthusiastic Gulden users for you to bind to your company.

Download the Nocks Checkout app here from the PlayStore.


UPDATE: App also available on iOS.

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