GuldenTrader shares sold beyond expectation.

GuldenTrader shares sold beyond expectation.

News on the GuldenTrader Shares:

“Its that time…
To say thank you for all the interest in our exchange!”, says Rogier CEO GuldenTrader.
“When we started this journey, it was unclear if there was even a demand for an exchange. Sure, you hear the occassional whisper, the sighs as BTC dropped again.
It is very clear now, with over 75 buy request, we are not alone in wanting this exchange to happen.”

The Sales

We sold far beyond expectation. And orders are still coming in! Originally we anticipated to sell about 2500 shares, enough to keep us going for a year.
We sold over twice that many! Which means another parttime senior developer has started working.

I didnt get any mail!

A few buyers reported our email vanishing into the spam folder. If you have not recieved any email on how to pay for your shares, please contact us at! We will resend the email.

I paid but have not heard anything!

Your shares are yours, even if you have not heard from us yet. You will in the next week. If you haven’t heard back in the next 14 days, please check your spambox and/or contact us at
All paid shares are yours. Untill you sell them ofcourse.

Are there shares left?

Yes. You can still buy them.

Where can I find all previous info?

All info is on the ISO website located at
This includes all the newsletters.

Do I need to trade the shares I bought?

No. If you hold on to them you get part of the trading fees. If you trade them you don’t. You get NLG.

I still have questions

Please ask them! You can send your questions to

When will you go live?

Currently we are working on v0.2 of the exchange. v0.3 will be the beta version which all of you can test.
Planning is to release v0.2 end of may and v0.3 end of june.
When testing is complete, we will go live with v0.3

What do versions mean?

V0.2 is a full security and code rewrite version. We are working to ensure future updates will go smooth like adding another trading pair or upscaling servers. Also TFA and recaptcha and trade verification are added.
v0.3 is a full version where you can deposit and withdraw funds en ofcourse trade. This version wil be our beta test.
v0.4 Our first live version after beta testing. Strap your seatbelt because we are off!
v0.5 This is when we build our API. Planned in Juli/August.

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