Gulden Radio Commercial

Gulden Radio Commercial

UPDATE: The radio commercial has been prolongued with another four weeks!

A month ago, members of the Gulden community started brainstorming about a radio commercial to promote Gulden. Initiator of this idea was a Guldenuser of the first hour, who also made the commercial financially possible. Text and ideas were intensely discussed on the Gulden Slack. Slogans were tried and rejected numerous times. People even tried to record their own thought up slogans which were posted in the chat.

Ten captains can’t steer a ship, so a small group continued this professionaly, to reach a good final version. After the text of the commercial was decided upon, a professional voice-over was approached to do the recordings. Where everyone thought to receive a finished product, a huge file was dropped consisting of numerous seperate sentences. Each sentence in three or four different intonations. From this clutter, after hours of listening and deciding what to keep, the radio commercial was finally composed.

The Gulden radio commercial will be broadcasted on FunX radio in Amsterdam and Rotterdam for four weeks, five days a week, six times a day. That’s about 120 times! Sadly, for reasons of limited regional rights, GuldenBites is not allowed to post it here. You can find the commercial on Slack in the #marketing channel. Or tune in the coming weeks to FunX!

This is the final text of the commercial (translated from Dutch, so it might sound off)

“Simply transfer money after a night out? Or order a pizza online? Gulden is the new way to pay. Easy, safe and fast. Payments are really carried out immediately, including evenings and weekends, to anywhere in the world. Just from your phone or PC. Read all about this digital currency on and download the free app.”

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