Gulden, sneak peak on development

Gulden, sneak peak on development

The Gulden development team is regularly found on the Gulden Community Slack to answer questions. This is a very pleasant experience, and even if we do not want to keep the programmers of their work, it is comforting to know that when you experience problems you can fall back on people with the correct know-how.

Everybody helps

The community is a very active club of people who share their enthusiasm on Gulden and develop all kinds of initiatives to promote it. For example, radio commercials have been set up, help documents written, blogs started, translations and much, much more. And the fun part is that everyone can help. Together, those people make Gulden grand and to what it is today. A payment system that can be easily used in all-day life next to the Euro, but without the disadvantages of that currency.

Payment Providers

Since the development team, including Rijk, the founder of Gulden, often find themselves on the Gulden Slack, sometimes informal insights are given in some of the developments that are taking place around Gulden.

For example, recently in a good conversation with, a payment provider widely used by websites, it has become apparent that the Gulden userbase is still too small for them to offer Gulden as a payment option in addition to iDeal. is another payment provider who has been actively looked into adding Gulden to their services. However Gulden payments will not be offered shortly. The message is clear. Gulden needs to grow further to be interesting for those kind of ‘old’ companies.

New developments

However, behind the scenes Gulden development is evident and gearing up. Here some lines Rijk just shared with the community on Slack.

At this moment, we are busy with some components that are very important to our growth.
Of course Prime, which will make attacks on the network virtually impossible, but at the same time the confirmations will return to one. Speed ​​and security, both indispensable in daily life.
In addition, we are busy with the first synchronization (after installing the desktop app, red.). We often hear about it here on Slack, “may take a few hours”, that’s of course a misery. It should eventually be returned to a few minutes along with a message of what’s happening. That can not be changed at once, but with each update we make big steps.
About the codebase, this is technical and something that most users do not care for, but we’d like to stay in pace with the Bitcoin codebase. Because there is a lot of good development going on there. In this way we can benefit from their much larger development team. Ultimately we choose which parts we will implement or not. Now, this sounds a bit like copy-paste, but that’s not the complete story. Gulden is different, so everything has to be converted. It takes a lot of time this so called, “invisible development”, but it is very important. We are working on an automation system that brings down the time to implement these changes. Before we implement Prime, the codebase will be updated to the latest version to avoid unnecessary work afterwards.
Also the latest update 1.6.4 brings not only improvements, but also preparations. This last update also featured important Nocks functionality. The cooperation with Nocks is great and we are looking forward to the future together.


In short, Gulden is moving and stands on the eve of major breakthroughs, both at the technological level and in acceptance. It’s hard to measure how many users Gulden has exactly, but with the increasing sales figures at Nocks and the growth in the Slack members, you can cautiously conclude that Gulden grows firmly and has a golden future. A future that has just begun.

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