GuldenTrader Shares- Last Call

GuldenTrader Shares- Last Call

Last call, ISO closing!

We recieved this last call from GuldenTrader. So hurry if you still want to buy-in and get some shares for the new Euro-NLG trade exchange.

GuldenTrader has sold more than 6000 shares to over 100 Gulden enthousiasts! About 200% more sales than was anticipated.
This allows them to run the servers for 2 years and hire another developer for the next 3 months. Resulting in more testing and quicker development.

Less than 4000 left

Rogier, ceo of GuldenTrader says: ‘If you have bought shares and not paid yet, please do so before July 1, 2017. Any payments made after July 1, 2017 will be refunded. Sales will be open untill the 27tt of June‘. You can still order shares here.

What remains

Shares that are not sold will be added to GuldenTrader’s account. If there is enough interest, these shares will be up for sale again next year.

The exchange

According to Rogier: ‘We are no longer behind in our planning. With our added developer testing and building, we are confident that our alpha tests can begin by the end of May. This puts beta testing, which we want you to do, at the end of June or the beginning of July. In a future newsletter there will be more information on beta testing.

See this previous article on pricing and more information on the GT Shares.

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