PoW², Gulden blockchain changes the Cryptoworld completely!

PoW², Gulden blockchain changes the Cryptoworld completely!

Improving the blockchain

PoW² advances the Gulden blockchain to a new era, bringing levels of security vastly in excess of anything seen before, the power of Proof of Work enhanced with the power of currency holding witnesses. Finally a blockchain that is not just “mostly safe” but is completely out of practical reach of attack by even the most wealthy and determined attacker.

A smoother experience

Enjoy a smoother network than ever before as PoW² enables the Delta algorithm to act with even more precision, bringing yet a new level of never before seen block time consistency. The most consistent/stable blockchain network in existence just got even better!

Faster transactions

Transact faster and more securely, transactions secure with only 1 or 2 confirmations, and this is just the beginning with PoW² paving the way for secure 0-conf transactions.

Earn Gulden with Gulden

Put your excess coins to work in a secure “profit earning” fixed term deposit account, help act as part of the PoW² system while earning coins in exchange. Deposit periods can be selected anywhere between 1 month and 3 years.

100% secure

Enjoy 100% security on your fixed term witness accounts, with our new Double Key Witness System which enables your money to be put to work while remaining safely locked from hackers or spyware behind your password.


Mining still remains a vital and important part of our system, continue to earn rewards with your mining hardware for those mining enthusiasts out there.

Incredibly scalable

Relax with the certainty of knowing that you are on a network that can really handle (not just on paper) in excess of 4 times the transaction capacity of Bitcoin; is immune to empty blocks/extortion from miners and has room to grow well into the future. A currency with a development team that has knowledge and values, that delivers you real quality software and features instead of fairy tales.

Eyes ahead

Rest assured that with Gulden you are using a currency that is well managed and flexible enough to address/adapt to future market demands and not held captive by a small group of miners who act to prevent any future innovation.

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