Jaxx multi-wallet is going to add Gulden

Jaxx multi-wallet is going to add Gulden

Jaxx is one of the more famous multi-wallets and is appreciated by its users for its synchronising on multiple platforms and devices. This way you have access to your wallets on both your desktop and smartphone.

Practically all cryptocurrencies release their own digital (core) wallet. This means that if you own ten different types of coins, you will need ten different wallets. Fortunately, multi-coin-wallets are available, such as Jaxx. It has, similar to a physical wallet, several pouches where one can store the different cryptocurrencies in.

Public key and private key

How did that work again? A wallet contains at least one unique address. At this address you can receive the cryptocoins. For example, you have 100 Gulden that you want to send from GuldenTrader to your own Gulden Wallet. Then you’ll  send it to your wallet address. This address is called a public key.

In addition to the public key, there is the private key. This is the access key to your wallet (not the pincode): Anyone in possesion of this key has access to your money! It is therefore important that you keep this key save. At Gulden we call this the recovery sentence, the phrase of 12 words that you will see when installing the app.


Jaxx is a so-called hierarchical deterministic wallet (HD wallet). One of the attributes assigned to it is that for each transaction the wallet address changes. So it really does not make sense to keep your public key, although you could use it over and over again. Please keep the 12-word backup line (the mnemonic-phrase) that Jaxx offers. I can’t stress this enough: Save the phrase or lose your money!


Now that was some background information (thanks to Michiel). Jaxx was not relevant for Gulden owners until recently, simply because Jaxx did not support Gulden. But that will change soon. Jaxx has big plans.

This leading digital wallet has announced more than 70 new partners and integrations of cryptovaluta, including Gulden, and wants to be the ultimate command center for everything around the blockchain. Just as the browser unleashes the power of the Internet, Jaxx wants to be the tool that brings digital currencies and digital assets to the masses.

This would be perfect for the Gulden iOS users since the Gulden core wallet is temporarily unavailable in the Apple app store.

Unfortunately, a release date has not been revealed and there was no contact between the Gulden devteam and Jaxx yet, so we’ll have to see how this unfolds.

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