HostingIP accepts Gulden

HostingIP accepts Gulden

With the flood of new Gulden users, Slack members and rising rates, we occasionally forget what it’s all about: To be able to pay with Gulden where and when you want it. And for that you need acceptance points. In short, we are very pleased to have another one with HostingIP.

HostingIP has years of experience in websites and hosting. They always provide customized services.

Kenneth Wolfs: “With us, the customer is really king! We want to be distinctive, in addition to the services we provide. So we offer, among other things, 52 different coins as a payment option, including Gulden!

HostingIP works with the payment provider, which handles the payments of cryptocurrencies. In addition, they would like to develop and market a separate module. So, they are quit ambitious.

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