Gulden, an update on developments

Gulden, an update on developments

This week, the Gulden Development team published a small update of the roadmap. It has now been completely updated with already announced and new projects. And it must be said, the plans for Gulden are ambitious! But not only the roadmap itself has been modified, also the webpages come in a new fresh look. It is easier now to newcomers to relate Gulden to Bitcoin, the currency where Gulden is usually compared with.

Of course, on the roadmap are the already known projects such as the upcoming PoW2 and Segsig updates. However, these updates consist of a few small steps. Each step is a preparation for the following one so that the Gulden network, the miners and users can each upgrade at the right time.

What people may not have heard of are Sonic and Alias.


If you install the (desktop) app or wallet for the first time, a synchronization takes place with the blockchain. This is approximately 600 MB for Gulden. This is small compared to Bitcoin’s 119 GB. However, such a first synchronization will take a couple of hours. Sonic tries to solve this problem for Gulden. The aim is that you should be able to get started with Gulden in a few minutes. However, with this first approach of Sonic now on the roadmap, it will strive to a synchronisation time of maximum one hour to start with.


This project is new to the roadmap, but it is a public secret that Rijk and the development team have this on their to-do list for a long time already. Officially, not much is known yet about this project, but I can imagine that this embraces the long wallet addresses. It’s simply not easy if you want to transfer money to someone when dealing with long number and letter ranges. Just like an IBAN number is actually really awkward. In fact these series can be replaced by something simpler, like we see for example with internet IP addresses. These can be converted into something easier to remember like an URL such as How the final solution that the Gulden team has in mind will look like is still guessing, but I expect a lot from their innovative spirits. It would make Gulden again one more step easier to use in daily live.

Beyond the Roadmap

Where does Gulden eventually go? Can it really be an alternative to the Euro?

One thing is evident, the Gulden team has a clear vision which is being implemented with military precision. Step by step, this digital money revolution is being builded. In fact, with Gulden you should be able to do everything you can do now with the Euro. So indeed, you can earn interest on your account, which will be available with the Witness program in the PoW2 update coming soon.

But you should also be able to pay anywhere you can with your Euro debat card now! No idea how it will be made possible, because that would mean that you have to have some kind of Gulden debit card. It would be grant though! Imagine paying anywhere in the world at any place just from your Gulden account.

Digital money goes further where normal fiat ceases. There are new paths and new possibilities to discover. Think of programmable money: e.g. Guldens who can only be allocated to certain goals or Guldens who are released after a completed job. Or smart Guldens, who can “work together” with companies, e.g. linking with subscriptions, insurances, mortgages, rent, etc.


Gulden is a relatively small coin on the world stage today, still busy being developped. But do not underestimate the team behind it. Gulden is technology wise one of the most advanced coins out there. It learns from the mistakes of the big known cryptocoins, has a vision and takes all possible steps to conquer the world with innovative solutions.

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