Gulden app back in the App Store!

Gulden app back in the App Store!

iOS Gulden App

The Gulden iOS app is back in the Appstore. This allows the iPhone and iPad fans to upgrade to version 1.6.4 now.

This version still lacks the ability to connect the mobile wallet to the desktop wallet (HD-link) as Android users are already used to. HD-link enables you to create a paired mobile wallet e.a. for pocket money for your children and allows you to keep a close eye on what they spent. But it also helps if their phones are stolen, it is super easy to retreive the money. Furthermore, if they are e.g. stranded somewhere you can instantaneously sent them some money.

Rijk:”We are working hard to bring this feature also to iOS. So in the coming months“.

We will not enjoy this current version for long though, because in a few weeks PoW2 will come out, which will require an update of the apps again.

NOTE: Do not use your desktop recovery phrase in your iOS wallet, that will not work until HD-Link has been implemented. Instead make two separate wallets.

Go to the Appstore here

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