EDM dentists accept Gulden

EDM dentists accept Gulden

Gulden convinces more and more entrepreneurs to consciously choosing to accept Gulden payments. So also recently EDM Dentists from Koedijk (NL). EDM dentists has a mission statement and vision for her practice and clients. Progress and innovation are part of it. Also in payment options. Gulden fits in this vision.

Erik de Maijer said, “We have had an PIN payment terminal, but that was very costly because of the very low usage and monthly rates for the equipment etcetera. I deepened myself in the blockchain technology a couple of months ago and found it super cool that there was a Dutch version. After research and consultation with my son (studies technical engineering) we concluded that Gulden could be a nice Dutch product. Through Nocks I bought Guldens and after that installed the Nocks payment app. I think that receiving Gulden payments for small amounts could be very useful in our practice.

With this, EDM is the first dental practice at which you can pay with Gulden. Amazing! That everything is still fresh is apparent from the following: EDM has not received any Gulden payments so far or even notified its clientele. But that could change when 65,000 Gulden users will get air of this news. I would definitely change dentist for it!

Erik de Maijer: “I am convinced that blockchain technology can play an important role in the safe transfer of personal data between dentists and referrers. How I can do that, I do not know. It is a challenge and opportunity for software developers who build on the Gulden Blockchain to look into.

More information (in dutch) on EDM can be found here.


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