Very first regulated Crypto Hedge Fund will start soon!

Very first regulated Crypto Hedge Fund will start soon!

The last few month Tatch Capital Ltd. has been working hard to realize the very first regulated (CSSF) blockchain technologies hedge fund (RAIF). Since this is the first in its kind you can imagine all the hurdles and obstructions they had to face. But it seems they are about to pull it off and are nearly good to go. Amongst other crypto currencies and blockchain technologies, the fund will invest heavily in the promising Gulden platform.

Note: Tatch is a completely independant firm and has no strings with the Gulden project.

Although the name of the hedge fund still remains a secret, everything is ready accept for one thing: the custodian bank. A partner was found, but the final decision is not awaited before the end of September.

But except for the custodian bank all is set: IT, security, infrastructure, seed money, hard commitments (min. investment is 150 000€), auditor, regulator, managing company, lawyers, accountants, etc. The hedge fund will be tradable in all EU zone countries, for sophisticated investors only.

In the meantime until a final decision comes in and the hedge fund can start Tatch Capital’s focus will be on raising as much hard commitments as possible to put pressure on the banks.

Next to this Tatch Capital owns 20% of GuldenTrader. This exchange platform project is moving well too. GuldenTrader will not only be an Gulden-Euro exchange but also handle the TatchCoin trades. Trading in TatchCoin will be fully operational in September, ahead of schedule. Note that TatchCoins issuance (ICO) set to be lift up on the 05 Augustus 2017.

Cedric, CEO of Tatch Capital:”In regards to all latest developments we decided in conjonction with our community to set the price to 5€/coin and keep on raising the price (more details will follow) based on volume and timing. Till then price remain at 4€/coin”.

From earlier comments from the CEO it becomes apparent that they will raise the price of TatchCoins gradually to at least 10 Euro a piece.

Read here more about Tatch Capital and GuldenTrader.

If you want to join this very unique first crypto hedge fund or buy TatchCoins contact them either through Telegramm App: or:




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