Nocks starts private beta tests exchange

Nocks starts private beta tests exchange

There are currently two companies working on a Euro-Gulden Exchange. Where Nocks focuses on Gulden only, GuldenTrader will offer multiple Gulden-currency pairs. 

The direct link of Gulden to the Euro instead of Bitcoin promesses to bring Gulden into a more stable environment, away from the global turbulent Bitcoin exchanges. In addition, it will make it easier for investors to buy Gulden outside the Benelux, making it more accessible to millions of Europeans.

Today, hopeful news was announced. Nocks has started the private beta testing of the stock market.

Roel, co-founder of Nocks: “If no crucial issues need to be solved during BETA, Nocks is going to be live for everyone this month.

So some more patiences is required.

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