Today it’s World Heart Day! #WorldHeartDay !

Today it’s World Heart Day! #WorldHeartDay !

GuldenBites is dedicating this article to Doan ‘s Heart Beats mission by asking your support:

A project he started during the time when his brother was diagnosed with heart failure.
A tragic life altering event with an impact on his entire family.

A band of brothers never dies

Doan: “This Heart mission is not only about my brother! More than 200.000 people in the Netherlands are having heart problems. Heart failure does not discriminate. Take a look a the recent tragic event with Abdelhak Nouri. A young man always ready to share his good heart but now his heart failed him. Hopefully he will find a way to recover and come back.

A lot of research has been done and perhaps a life saving solution is here. Very promising tests are done with stem cells heart regeneration.

Donation reward

An iPhone 8 will be rewarded for donations over 5€ or 50 Gulden. The current goal is to reach: 10,000€ and a lot of Guldens to kickstart this mission to support people with a failing heart.


This is only the beginning. An (international) website will be developed with your support. From here many heart projects can be launched. Partners & sponsors are welcome to make this happen. Wanted: Creative people to help build this new heart foundation.

Contact Doan on Facebook:

Your donation is very welcome and don’t forget to mention “Steun Hart”.

Instagram: @steunhart
Twitter: @steunhart

Gulden: Gavn81jziqyyJEazXz95FrmtZMrVbx7Ds7


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