Gulden in figures: September

Gulden in figures: September

Gulden in figures: the month of september 2017, thanks to Aat de Kwaasteniet.

Number of Gulden in circulation:

1st september 30 september Growth by Mining
G453.906.000 G455.661.800 G1.755.800 (+0,387%)
Block 588831 Block 606389 Blocks 17558

Gulden Price

On the 1st of september price was €0,1090. On the 30st of september the price was €0,1008, a difference of -7,5%.  The highest price was on 2 september €0,1271. The lowest price was noted on 14 september €0,0826. Average Guldenprice on the month of september was €0,101206.

Historical figures:

september 2014: €0,002378
september 2015: €0,000959
september 2016: €0,004414
september 2017: €0,101206

The average Gulden price for the month of August was € 0.0743. That means a growth of + 36%. The high peak on September 2nd was caused by the Bitcoin price rising in almost 24 hours to almost € 5,000, while the dip in price on September 14th also was because of Bitcoin. When it became known that the Chinese BTC exchanges were closing on September 30, the Bitcoin price dropped to a low of € 3200 to recover quite quickly after that.

Total trade volume

It was a slow month for trading. In the month of September 41,420,155 Gulden where changed owner through the various exchanges. That’s only 9.1% of all Gulden in circulation and it’s about 68% of what was traded in August. However, due to the higher average price for Gulden, turnover in Euro totaled € 4,205,268. That is only 11% less than in August.

Growth in the number of Slack users:

The number of slack users still shows strong growth. September 1st, 4689 -> September 30, 5263. A difference of +574 (+ 12.2%).
Number of active Slack users (active members are logged in at least 1 time in the last 14 days). September 1st, 890 -> September 30, 1225. A difference of +335 (+ 37.6%).
We saw earlier that a growing number of active slack users showed a proportional increase in price, which is not the case this month. Probably everyone is awaiting the updates and do not want to miss out on news and check Slack more often.

New Retailers over the last two Month:

Couperus Autoverhuur in Donkerbroek – Car Rental, Garage, Maintenance, Tyres etc.. – Tattoos by Xenja Sint in Sneek. – The best sate online.
Bo Belle in Sliedrecht – This shop is specialized in ladies fashion. – “This book aims to refresh the monetary memory of the nation“, said writer Edin Mujagic. – Vegan restaurant in Amsterdam.
Buurman & Buurman! – Pizzaria in Groningen. – Custom made Bikes since 1935. in Leiden – Restaurant & Beers. – A top 100 Twinkle store. Hollands largest online drugstore! – Lunchroom in Kop van Zuid. – For the best fidgetspinners.
Bar Tender Rotterdam – For the best drinks.
Has Döner Kebab Coolsingel – Kebab and more.
Tinto Haarlem – For printing T-shirts, posters and canvas, passport photos, office supplies etc.  – All about VR-headsets.

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