Breaking News! Nocks Trade Exchange is Live.

Breaking News! Nocks Trade Exchange is Live.

It’s time. The moment many have been looking forward to for months. Since today Gulden has its own dedicated currency exchange. Nocks Trade. Upon today, Gulden was only tradable against Bitcoin, with most volume being traded on Bittrex. This was also the place where Nocks purchased Gulden for their customers in the Benelux.

Nocks Trade makes it possible now to trade Gulden directly against Euro. In addition, the exchange brings Gulden within easy reach of millions of residents in the European Union without the need to own Bitcoin. This makes Gulden even more user-friendly, after all, the number of people who actually own Bitcoin is still quite small. The euro market is many times bigger! This is a very unique event, because there are only a few crypto coins that have a direct pairing with fiat money, most of them run through Bitcoin.

The direct link of Gulden to the Euro promises to bring Gulden price stablity, being more independent from the global Bitcoin exchanges. Bittrex, and therefore the Bitcoin linkage, will not disappear, but may become less important in terms of volume and therefore have lesser impact on the price. After all, the price is usually an average of the various exchanges.

But there’s more

Nocks not only opens the new exchange today, but this is also the start of the new platform. Available on It is now also possible to schedule payment orders through Nocks. And with that, Gulden becomes just a little more a normal currency.

There are currently two more companies working on a Euro-Gulden Exchange. Where Nocks is currently focusing on Euro-Gulden, and possibly also US Dollar-Gulden in the near future, the GuldenTrader Exchange will offer multiple Gulden-cryptocurrency pairs, and will appeal to a completely different market. GuldenTrader is expected in a few weeks. The third exchange,, will open sometime early next year.

Nocks is available in the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

Check here for more information about the Nocks exchange.


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