Gulden in Figures: October

Gulden in Figures: October

Gulden in figures for the month october 2017, by Aat de Kwaasteniet. 

Amount of Gulden in Circulation

1 October  31 October Growth by Mining
G455.661.800 G457.467.300 G1.805.500 (+0,396%)
Block 606.389 Block 624.444 Amount of  blocks 18.055


1 october 31 october Change
€0,1060 €0,0815 -23,1%

The highest price was reached on October 3rd € 0.1122.
The lowest price was listed on October 22th, € 0.0743.

Average Gulden price for the month of October was € 0.0872. That means a difference of -13.8%. compared with last month.

Historical Numbers

Date Oct. 2014 Oct. 2015 Oct. 2016 Oct. 2017
NLG-Price €0,0016 €0,0015 €0,0317 €0,0872
Tradevolume € 54.208,46 € 84.014,49 € 7.293.882,89 € 4.667.974,63

The peak on October 3rd has no apparent cause, but the dip half October is probably caused by the Bitcoin Gold fork. However, after the fork we see that the price pressure continues to exist and stabilization at a lower price level is noticeable. It was expected that the start of the new NLG-EUR exchange Nocks would increase the inflow of Euro capital, but we see that price formation is still mainly on Bittrex rather then on Nocks.

Total Tradevolume

It was a reasonable month for trading. In the month of October, G53.522.134 with a euro equivalent of € 4,667,974.63 was exchanged between owners through the various exchanges. That is 11.7% of all the Gulden in circulation.

Growth of Slackmembers

Because Slack was in maintenance for a large part of this month, no data is available. A new Gulden Slack has been opened. Look for the guldencom.slack group.

New Retailers over the last two Month: – Whiteboard supplies. – Tattoo and Handpoke Studio in Haarlem.
Vanschaik Support – Problemsolving, installation and advise on PC, TV and SmartPhones.
Dépannage Informatique Wasquehal – Problemsolving computers. (France).
Cas Events – Specialized in organizing events, including bookings of well know artists. – Erotic networking.
jimagephoto – Presets for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
Couperus Autoverhuur in Donkerbroek – Car Rental, Garage, Maintenance, Tyres etc.. – Tattoos by Xenja Sint in Sneek. – The best sate online.
Bo Belle in Sliedrecht – This shop is specialized in ladies fashion. -“This book aims to refresh the monetary memory of the nation“, said writer Edin Mujagic. – Vegan restaurant in Amsterdam.
Buurman & Buurman! – Pizzaria in Groningen. – Custom made Bikes since 1935. te Leiden – Restaurant & Beers. – A top 100 Twinkle store. Hollands largest online drugstore! – Lunchroom in Kop van Zuid. – For the best fidgetspinners.
Bar Tender Rotterdam – For the best drinks.

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