Guldenrate rebranded into Moonstats

Guldenrate rebranded into Moonstats

By Jay of Guldenrate:

Many members within the Gulden Community use the website on a daily basis. A handy tool for tracking price and viewing historical data. Today, a major update has been released and a change of name has taken place from Guldenrate into Moonstats. Live Gulden rates can now be found at

Why this change?

Many users within the Gulden Community have indicated to own multiple crypto currencies. We have therefore added the 100 most popular coins on Because we noticed that visitors are happy with the current interface, we have not changed much there. To optimize the historical and live charts we added the spread to the price.

Some new features of are:
– Support for multiple fiat currencies.
– Possibility to view the spread of the rate.
– Various technical and speed optimizations.
– Brand new interface.
– Available for all major crypto currencies.

Unfortunately with the update we had to remove the portfolio function from the website. We are going to re-implement it on a next version of Moonstats. This way everyone can use this beloved feature again soon. TIP: Use the calculator. Enter your coins. This value is then stored locally. This way you can quickly see how much your Gulden are worth.

Purchasing Gulden

The website now also offers a purchasing button. There are two possibilities, buy Gulden through or

If there are any questions or suggestions to improve the website then we would like to hear that.

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