New Gulden iOS app with wallet linking available

New Gulden iOS app with wallet linking available

Gulden for iOS with the desktop link functionality is now available in the App Store.

The link feature allows you to pair an account in your Gulden desktop app with your mobile. For example, if you want to give your child some pocket money, you can keep track on how much they spend. In addition, there are many improvements making the app faster and more stable. Gulden for iOS is released today by B.V. and not by Nocks anymore. This means that there are temporarily 2 versions in the App Store. Note: It’s one of only eleven crypto wallets officially in the App Store!

The following methods are recommended to transfer your Gulden to the new version (in all cases, please write down your recovery sentence first!).

Do you have a Gulden desktop app?
Create an account in your desktop app and choose “Connect with your mobile Gulden app”, in the B.V. app choose “link wallet”.
Send the Gulden from your old Gulden iOS app to this new mobile account.

Do you only have the old Gulden for iOS app?
Open the B.V. app, choose “Reset Wallet” and enter your recovery sentence. After synchronization your Guldens will be visible again. You can now delete the old app.

Download the latest update from the AppStore here.

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