Reviving old times: Buying Vinyl with Gulden

Reviving old times: Buying Vinyl with Gulden

As if time stood still for a moment. Gulden and Vinyl, that’s so 1980!

However, the opposite is true though! Gulden has been reincarnated in a digital appearance and vinyl is currently hipper than ever. Nostalgia at the top, beautiful! Just put on an LP, that crackling of the needle, that sound, no CD can beat that!

That is what Paul Tetteroo apparently thought too. He started the Sounds for Sure webshop in 2008. Actually, purely out of hobby. “At the time, we mainly sold some second-hand CDs and CDs from independent labels. Soon after that someone asked if we also sold second-hand LPs, which we then started reselling.”

Today there is a large group of music lovers who have (re)discovered vinyl. It remains a special medium. A product that allows you to come into contact with music in a totally different way, because you have to treat the sound carrier with care and attention. And that is also what good music deserves: listened to with attention. The great artwork that the covers often have and the almost ritual activity of setting up a record. It is the combination of all of this, a kind of counter-movement against the digital music world with its ‘disposable music’, which has contributed to the current popularity of the vinyl LP.

In the webshop Sounds for Sure mainly focuses on second-hand pop and rock LPs. In addition, there is a limited selection of used and new CDs and a small assortment of new vinyl. “We pay a great deal of attention and care to the sound carriers, because we love music. With the second-hand LP’s we provide clean vinyl and of course a clear grading, so that you get a good picture of what you buy. We do not like disappointed people, just happy faces.

Gulden and Vinyl, as if it has never been different.


Sounds for Sure
Wilgenhof 12
3355 PA Papendrecht
The Netherlands
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