Information packages for entrepreneurs

Information packages for entrepreneurs

The Gulden Community is busy sending information packages to entrepreneurs. Initially, parcels have now been sent to entrepreneurs who already accept Bitcoin in their company or shop. These are entrepreneurs who are already familiar with crypto and may be more likely to try something new. 

Gulden clearly has great advantages over Bitcoin, but also over regular debitcard payments. After all, Gulden costs only five eurocents per transaction, where ten cents or more is usual for debit card transactions. And don’t forget the monthly card terminal fees. Gulden is free of charge outside these five cents per transaction. The shopkeeper can also choose to be paid in euros or in Gulden. All this can be set up in the free Nocks checkout app.

In short, as an entrepreneur there are no risks and only benefits in accepting Gulden payments.

Do you want to switch too? Then download the Nocks Checkout manual.

And if there are questions, the Gulden Community is ready to help. Via Guldencom on Slack or or also on Facebook @Guldenvoorondernemers.

Or check out RetailBites, the section set up especially for retailers here on GuldenBites.

If you also know of a retailer who could use this information package? They can be ordered for about NLG 180 at The content consists of a window sticker, welcome letter, Nock’s installation guide, businesscards and card holder. 

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