Nocks: what’s next!

Nocks: what’s next!

Great news from Nocks, just a day after Gulden announced its public testing of Pow2/Segsig.

But first a little recap. Nocks launched on October 3rd and hosted a launch party October 28th, kicking off the first of hopefully many Nocks Sessions events. Since then numerous improvements and optimizations have been made and there is more to come, obviously.

Co-founder Roel Boer:”This was our first company event and already we learned a bunch, not just how we can improve the next Sessions — but we learned more about our users and what we need to do to continue to improve Nocks.

At the next Sessions, held soon at another great venue, Nocks will release a gigantic update for the Nocks Checkout apps! This app supports the retailers and merchants in easilly accepting Gulden payments. 
Nocks Checkout will undergo some heavy changes and they are not just talking about an update for the Nocks Checkout iOS and Android app or the e-commerce plugins that have been a long time coming. They are talking about an update that will change the way they service companies with payments. An update so important it warrants its own Nocks Sessions. So keep an eye out for that invite!

Further updates will include an expansion of supported currencies to Nocks Trade. Nocks is working on adding USD and GBP markets and adding support for U.S. and U.K. users right after.


You can now also view the market live, without having to be logged in at

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