Gulden in Figures: December

Gulden in Figures: December

Gulden in figures for the month December 2017, by Aat de Kwaasteniet. 

Amount of Gulden in Circulation

1 December  31 December Growth by Mining
G459.206.600 G461.018.300 G1.811.700 (+0,39%)
Block 641838 Block 659955 Amount of  blocks 18117


1 December 31 December Change
€0,0733 €0,1958 170%

The lowest price was achieved on: 4 December €0.0719.
The highest price was recorded on: 31 December €0,1958.

The average Gulden price for the month of December was €0.1127. That means a difference of +48%. compared to the previous month.

The December exchange rate has developed spectacularly. Gulden started a facebook advertisement campaign bringing in new users and therefore demand exceeded supply, causing the price to rise. A long-awaited price correction according to many people. Gulden was/is undervalued compared to the possibilities and intrinsic value. 

The exchange rate for the month of November remained fairly stable between 7 and 8 Eurocent. Despite the enormous price increase Bitcoin experienced during this period, most people continued to hold on to their Gulden. No major dumps were observed as we have seen in the past.

Historical Numbers

Date Dec. 2014 Dec. 2015 Dec. 2016 Dec. 2017
NLG-Price €0,0012 €0,0014 €0,0269 €0,1127
Tradevolume €40.194,62 €20.349,63 €1.438.598,37 €24.290.121,59

Total Tradevolume

It was a very busy month in terms of trade. In December, G197.645.645.681 with a euro equivalent value of €24.290.121,59 were exchanged between owners via the various exchanges. That is 42.9% of all Gulden in circulation.

Growth of Slackmembers

This second month of the new slack we ended with 1561 members, which almost doubled.

New Retailers over the last two Month: – Vintage items. – Biggest collection mirrors. Over 10.000 items! accepts gulden donations. – Remarkable items with an industrial look. – All about virusscanners.– Painters. – Webdesign. – Café in Deventer. – Beard care products. – POS Cash Register system implemented Gulden serving 80 Shops!– Restaurant in Bussum.
Plein 22 – Limburgia Beuningen. Pies and Coffee. – Buy Vinyl Records with Gulden. – Whiteboard supplies. – Tattoo and Handpoke Studio in Haarlem.
Vanschaik Support – Problemsolving, installation and advise on PC, TV and SmartPhones.
Dépannage Informatique Wasquehal – Problemsolving computers. (France).
Cas Events – Specialized in organizing events, including bookings of well know artists. – Erotic networking.
jimagephoto – Presets for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

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