Gulden breaks magical threshold of 25 cents.

Gulden breaks magical threshold of 25 cents.

The Gulden chat groups, both nationally and internationally, are going nuts. There is an exuberant mood. The 25 cents seemed to be an almost impregnable hurdle after a rather turbulent growth in December. Each time the price sets off. Until tonight. For many who have entered early, a dream comes true. Even though people are excited, the next milestone is eyed at already. Taking down the one Euro hurdle. People are firmly convinced that it will happen soon.

Why this optimism, this euphoria? Gulden is an undervalued currency. The development team has consciously done nothing or little marketing. This in order to be able to build a solid basis for the currency in peace and quietness. Together with they have been working in lee of big brother Bitcoin on a reliable alternative means of payment. And that is slowly starting to appear on more and more people’s radar. Partly thanks to the inexhaustible efforts of a tight group of Gulden community members who help new users on their way. Both via the official Gulden Slack channel, as well as the many Telegram chat groups in all kinds of languages. There is even an Arabic Gulden Facebook page nowadays! In addition, there will be a very large update for Gulden soon that will make the currency even safer and faster. 

Gulden grows rapidly, as has been proven this evening. More and more companies are accepting Gulden, which is increasing the impact. It spreads like an oil slick and grows faster and faster. For example, the company, specialised in POS cash register systems for both offline and online shops, has built Gulden into their MplusKassa system. As a retailer, you don’t have to worry about how to accept Gulden payments anymore, it’s simply built into your cash register. And it is also cheaper. Gulden only costs 5 cents per transaction! And you simply get paid in Euros, if desired. This payment will also be made once a day and once a week you will receive a transaction overview by email for the accountant. Simpler is just not possible!

More information can be found on the RetailBites page of

But hey, the 25 cent barrier has been broken. What’s Next? According to the technical stock exchange analysts, 30 cents will soon become reality, after which a short cooling down would have to take place and then steam up to 45 cents. So buckle up, as insiders say.


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