First driving school to accept Gulden!

First driving school to accept Gulden!

The first driving school to launch Gulden payments is a fact!

It is with pride that Driving school Het Groene Rijden (translates as ‘the green drive’) reports to be the first driving school to accept Gulden payments. This has been implemented on the website where the Gulden address as well as the QR code can be found (under the Tariff tab).

Sandra de Graaff of Het Groene Rijden is enthusiastic:”We believe in the’ reintroduction’ of the currency. Who is the first student to pay for his driving licence with Gulden? We are curious”!

To top it off, a nice action has been devised! The first ten people who pay with Gulden are eligible for a draw. One of these ten people will receive his full payment in return and be eligible for the driver training he or she has paid for!

For more information see the website:

Het Groene Rijden
Kneppelhoutstraat 24
2321BA Leiden

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