Pre-Orders Witness Pi’s delivered next week

Pre-Orders Witness Pi’s delivered next week

Good news!! The Gulden Raspberry Pi pre-orders will be sent out in the upcoming week!

G-dash, the pre-installed software, is well tested and found user friendly enough. Meaning that you can easily keep it up to date by a few clicks yourself. The question on everybodies mind is though:”Is witness included yet?” Unfortunally not. The Gulden 2.0 update is still in user beta testing, so we hope it will be available soon.

Bastijn Koopmans, developer of G-dash said the following: “I decided to release G-DASH sooner than planned. People have been testing it for a while now and a few others have received their pre-installed Pi and all looks the way it should be. Updating G-DASH is also really easy. The witnessing part of the application will activate as soon as Gulden 2.0 is released. This will be done via the internal updater of G-DASH. This way the people who have a Pi doing nothing (or a VPS) can use it to set up a node to strengthen the Gulden network, and I invite developers to take a look at GitHub to further improve G-DASH. I will make an announcement when the download is available.” 

The software is available next week on:

Setting up the node is easy and straightforward as well. Just forward port 9231 to the Pi and you’r good to go. It will strenghten the Gulden network and makes it easier/quicker for new people to do the first blockchain synchronisation.

Next to the node, G-Dash also offers a wallet you can use to distributie your Guldens, for those who don’t want to have everything in one wallet!

Of course you can still order your Pi at:


We can’t wait to see the POW2 release and start witnessing.

Read all about witnessing at or gulden status quo and preview.

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