Gulden in Figures: January

Gulden in Figures: January

Gulden in figures for the month January 2018, by Aat de Kwaasteniet. These are the average daily prices of Nocks and Bittrex.

Amount of Gulden in Circulation

1 January  31 January Growth by Mining
G461.018.300 G462.849.300 G1.831.000
Block 659956 Block 678266 Amount of  blocks 18310


1 January 31 January Change
0,2063 0,1427 -30,8%

The lowest price was achieved on: 31 January €0,1427.
The highest price was recorded on: 13 January €0,4003.

Average Gulden price for the month of January was €0,2422. That means a difference of +115%. compared to the previous month.

The price for the month of January has evolved spectacularly until 13 January. Unfortunately mainly to FOMO (fear of missing out) buy behaviour of new users. This resulted in a downturn in the second half of the month due to profit-taking. There was an additional dumping in the last two days, so that price ended up lower  this month. But if we look a little further back we have of course gone up quite a lot with price now around 15 cents.

Historical Numbers

Date Jan. 2015 Jan. 2016 Jan. 2017 Jan. 2018
NLG-Price €0,0010 €0,0012 €0,0223 €0,2422
Tradevolume €28.242,65 €22.601,23 €770.385,77 €41.009.333,87

Total Tradevolume

It was the busiest month so far in terms of trade. In the month of January G159.073.937, with a Euro equivalent of €41.009.333 changed hands via the various exchanges. And that is more than 53 times the volume than the same month back a year ago!

Growth of Slackmembers

This third month of the new slack we have ended up with 2559 members, which means almost 1000 members growth in January.

New Retailers over the last two Month: – Outdoorsigns. – Heat-resistant glass films. – Blinding of car windows. – Scandinavian delicacies in Groningen.
Alheel – Counceling. – Bike Totaal Stellingwerf in Norg. – vintage steel bikes in Groningen. – Game. – Web en App design. – Maliepaard Real-Estate in Delft. – Domotics, light and heat Solutions. – Cartronics & Automotive Diagnose. – Send packages and baggage. – Game shop on the Oudegracht 230a in Utrecht. – Fries and more in Heereveen. – Weddings throughout the Netherlands. – Collection of online shops. – Bed & Breakfast in Goes. – Shirts and Merchandise. – Bags. – Interior Design and custom furniture. – Badges and Patches. -Lunchroom in Den Haag. – Internet Bureau. – Driving school in Leiden. – Sushi-restaurant in Amsterdam. – For renting walkie-talkies. – Send anonymous SMS messages. – Employment professional Advice. – Discount and advantage site. – Clothing with Gulden logo. – Stoffeerder in Delft. – Photographer in Alkmaar. – Vintage furniture and lamps. – Hairdresser. – Paintings. – Vintage items. – Biggest collection mirrors. Over 10.000 items! accepts gulden donations. – Remarkable items with an industrial look. – All about virusscanners.– Painters. – Webdesign. – Café in Deventer. – Beard care products. – POS Cash Register system implemented Gulden serving 80 Shops!– Restaurant in Bussum.
Plein 22 – Limburgia Beuningen. Pies and Coffee.


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