Gulden in Figures: February

Gulden in Figures: February

Gulden in figures for the month February 2018, by Aat de Kwaasteniet. These are the average daily prices of Nocks and Bittrex.

Amount of Gulden in Circulation

1 February 28 February Growth by Mining
G462.849.300 G464.503.000 G1.653.700
Block 678267 Block 694804 Amount of  blocks 16537


1 February 28 February Change
€0,1488 €0,1242 -16,5%

The lowest price was achieved on: 23 February €0.1098.
The highest price was recorded on: 4 February €0,1521.
Average Gulden price for the month of February was €0.1314. That means a difference of -46%. with regard to the previous month.

Price made a correction in the beginning of the month. Not surprisingly after the strong growth of users and price in January. The rest of February shows a reasonably stable rate with price moving around €0.12.
We can conclude that the average Gulden holder takes a wait-and-see attitude unlike the Gulden Community, which carried out many marketing activities. For example, the radio commercial spots are restarted on Radio FunX, shirts for a team of indoor football players where sponsort, 1000 entrepreneurial packages were sent, and a Gulden stamp brought to market, etc. A lot of work has been done.

Historical Numbers

Date Feb. 2015 Feb. 2016 Feb. 2017 Feb. 2018
NLG-Price €0,0012 €0,0016 €0,0222 €0,1314
Tradevolume €16.945,65 €57.433,05 €511.663,51 €6.927.150,29

Total Tradevolume

February was characterized by a stagnating market. Only 53,352,898 Gulden was traded with an equivalent value in euro of nearly 7 million.

Growth of Slackmembers

We welcomed 87 new members on Slack. Total is now 2646 members.

New Retailers over the last two Month: – Marvellous B&B Chateau in Bellenaves (France) – All the tools and rentals for your festival or show. -Catering in Purmerend – Disney clothing. – Outdoorsigns. – Heat-resistant glass films. – Blinding of car windows. – Scandinavian delicacies in Groningen.
Alheel – Counceling. – Bike Totaal Stellingwerf in Norg. – vintage steel bikes in Groningen. – Game. – Web en App design. – Maliepaard Real-Estate in Delft. – Domotics, light and heat Solutions. – Cartronics & Automotive Diagnose. – Send packages and baggage. – Game shop on the Oudegracht 230a in Utrecht. – Fries and more in Heereveen. – Weddings throughout the Netherlands. – Collection of online shops. – Bed & Breakfast in Goes. – Shirts and Merchandise. – Bags. – Interior Design and custom furniture. – Badges and Patches. -Lunchroom in Den Haag. – Internet Bureau. – Driving school in Leiden. – Sushi-restaurant in Amsterdam. – For renting walkie-talkies. – Send anonymous SMS messages. – Employment professional Advice. – Discount and advantage site. – Clothing with Gulden logo. – Stoffeerder in Delft. – Photographer in Alkmaar. – Vintage furniture and lamps. – Hairdresser. – Paintings.

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