Sneak peek iOS wallet and Sonic news

Sneak peek iOS wallet and Sonic news

Yesterday evening, Rijk shared a number of news items with the Gulden Community on Slack.

It is now clear that Sonic, which has been on the roadmap until now as a separate update, will be released at the same time as the Gulden 2.0 update. See also for more information. Malcolm:”Sonic- changes parts of the program (network code) that have almost no relation to the parts PoW2 touches so has been worked on by a separate developer in parallel.”


Sonic will reduce the initial synchronization time when installing the desktop wallet. Now it takes sometimes up to four hours to download the entire blockchain. With Sonic this will be reduced to just under one hour. An enormous step forward, which enhances the user-friendliness a lot.  

IOS Wallet

In addition to the Sonic news, Rijk has also given us an initial look at the new iOS wallet. The screenshot that has been shared clearly shows a ‘Request Amount’ button. In line with modern banking apps, this should make it possible to send payment requests to friends from your address book. Just like Tiki by ABN AMRO or Bunq, for example. 

It would of course be fantastic if that request for payment could be met in Gulden or Euros as desired. A possible integration of Nocks as a payment provider cannot be excluded. This could imply that, at a later stage, British Pounds or US Dollars could also be used to meet the payment request. GBP and USD are markets that Nocks will be adding to their current Euro-Gulden portfolio in the foreseeable future. So then, in addition to Gulden-Euro, we will also have Gulden-Dollar and Gulden-Pound.

Desktop Wallet

And for those who missed it last week. We were also given a glimpse into the development of the desktop wallet. The print screen below shows the witness section, the deposit account. The grey line is the expected interest income, and the blue line is the actual income. After all, the revenues depend on the number of participants, the chosen duration of the deposit as well as the amount. Please note that this is based on the test environment, no value can be assigned to the displayed digits.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known when the update will be rolled out. But given the print screens, it is clear that we are in a concluding phase. 

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