Gulden in Figures: March

Gulden in Figures: March

Gulden in figures for the month March 2018, by Aat de Kwaasteniet. These are the average daily prices of Nocks and Bittrex.

Amount of Gulden in Circulation

1 March 31 March Growth by Mining
G464.503.000 G466.325.600 G1.822.600
Block 694804 Block 713030 Amount of blocks 18226



1 March 31 March Change
€0,1166 €0,0674 -42%

The lowest price was achieved on 31 March at €0.0674.
The highest price was quoted on: March 3, €0.1218.
Average Gulden Price over the month of March was € 0.0884. This represents a difference of -32%. with regards to the previous month.

Price showed a downward trend throughout March, along with overall Crypto Markets. We saw that Bitcoin suffered significant losses and fell from 9,800 to 6,000 euros.
In addition, the NLG-BTC price on Bittrex slowly dropped from about 1400 Satoshi to 1200 Satoshi. In general the euro value of Gulden on Bittrex was between 0,2 and 0,4 Eurocent.
lower than the price on Nocks throughout March. And although the turnover on Nocks is more than 1.5 times higher than on Bittrex, the price on Nocks could not develop freely due to constant arbitrational trading between Nocks and Bittrex.

Historical Numbers

The annual chart also shows that we fell back to the level of autumn last year.

Date Mar. 2015 Mar. 2016 Mar. 2017 Mar. 2018
NLG-Price €0,0011 €0,0017 €0,0197 €0,0884
Tradevolume €34.350,35 €56.196,51 €945.830,03 €4.579.981,88


Total Tradevolume

March was characterised, for the second month in a row, by a stagnating market. Because of the falling price trade was weak. Only 52,404,199 Gulden were traded, almost as many as last month. Due to the lower exchange rate, only an equivalent of approximately 4.5 million euros was changing hands.

Growth of Slackmembers

We welcomed 70 new members on Slack this month and are now having 2,716 members. The number of people who are active daily fluctuates around 380 users a day with a peak of 795 users around 20th March was when it was announced that we would be voting in favour of subsequent developments.

New Retailers over the last two Month:

Istanbul Market- A small neighbourhood supermarket in the Nijmegen. The address is Symfoniestraat 162. – Games shop in Hoorn. – Marvellous B&B Chateau in Bellenaves (France) – All the tools and rentals for your festival or show. -Catering in Purmerend – Disney clothing.

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