Blog: Why I chose Gulden (NLG) as my Crypto Investment

Blog: Why I chose Gulden (NLG) as my Crypto Investment

Blog by Richard Johansson:

Why I chose Gulden as my Crypto Investment

There is an easy answer to my choice. But, first the background. I got interested in the crypto scene in early 2016. I noticed myself reading all the cryptonews on Bloomberg. Working for a bank, and with a master’s degree in Economics, I soon realized the power of decentralization. I went on to study a free internet course on the subject at the Nicosia University in Cyprus. I made my first investments in the ever vaster crypto market.

I started recognizing that none of the cryptos I had bought were that usable, and it was always very cumbersome getting in and out of them to fiat money. Also, it was extremely expensive. Where was that well functioning ecosystem, with retailers and speedy transactions?

User-friendly Crypto?

I was now on the hunt for the most userfriendly crypto. I googled that and came across an article in the Cointelegraph “Most User-Friendly Crypto? Gulden User Experience Streamlined in major update”. I started reading everything I found on Gulden. Rijk Plasman, the Dutch guy behind Gulden, has even been called the Steve Jobs of cryptos.

Gulden is still very much a Dutch crypto, I think. But, it has got some well deserved international recognition. At time of writing there is 145 retailers listed. The majority of them are in the Netherlands, and that number is growing fast these days.

The IBAN connection

What then makes Gulden so easy to adapt to and use? It’s the Gulden app, it’s a breeze to use. Easy and simple. I also use the desktop version. Same things there and some more. Secondly, Gulden is fast. You send and receive Gulden in seconds. Then there is Nocks, the gateway to cryptoland, the exchange where you buy and sell Gulden versus EUR. GBP will be added soon, and USD will follow. Nocks also acts as the payment processor for the retailers. You can wire your EUR to your Nocks account using IBAN (Euro area bank account standard). And then buy your Gulden. And the other way around. It’s a breeze.

Community, Coffee and more

I have not bought anything yet with Gulden, since I am based in Finland. But, I am active in the Gulden Slack community, and there the guys are writing how they go out for beer or coffee and pay with Gulden. There is close to 3000 members. There is the support channel, where you get immediate help, and there is the marketing channel where different Gulden campaigns are promoted and fundraised. All of this is made possible by volunteers! The development team make their announcements and take part in the conversations, recently they even let the community vote on what to work on next. The conversation is kept relevant and positive. You are part of a community, with everyone working toward the same goal. It’s like a movement, that just keeps on growing! I don’t think any other crypto that I have stumbled upon can compete with the ecosystem of Gulden.

With Gulden 2.0 releasing any day now (see, I am excited about the future of Gulden, the Apple of cryptos.

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