Media: about the Partnership between FootGolf and Gulden

Media: about the Partnership between FootGolf and Gulden

By Remco Tervoort:

Bitcoin and Sports

Digital currency like Bitcoin has reached sports this year. This resulted in athletes being paid in cryptocurrency or starting their own coins. Also, there are several venues that accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. In The Netherlands a unique partnership has been founded between the FootGolf Capital Cup and the digital currency Gulden. “This partnership has a solid foundation.

Since 2013 the FootGolf Capital Cup is taking place on a yearly basis. A FootGolf-event, with an international playing field. The tournament developed into an international tour. This tour will now be used to introduce the digital payment solution Gulden to Europe. An international sporting event, where the prize money will be paid out in Gulden. Next to that it is possible to use Gulden as a payment method during the Capital Cup.

Although many would not directly link a digital currency like Gulden to sport, we directly saw a match between the FootGolf Capital Tour and Gulden”, says Bas van den Hoogenof sports marketing and management firm Sporteyes.

Van den Hoogen says there are a lot of similarities between the FootGolf Capital Tour and Gulden. “Both are young and innovative products, developed in The Netherlands. Next to that both are growing fast and developing rapidly. We strongly believe in the potential of FootGolf. The fact that is a young and upcoming sport makes it a perfect fit to Gulden.


One thing makes the partnership extra special; the Gulden community was actively involved in accomplishing the partnership. They started a crowdfunding campaign with the goal to present Gulden as the official partner of the FootGolfCapital Tour. Van den Hoogen: “We reached out to a couple of community members of Gulden. Together we put a plan in place. The idea was then pitched to the community. They embraced the proposal to cooperate big time. Within a week the amount of Gulden needed (80.000 with a worth of €7.500) was donated into the campaign. They believed in the idea and saw the added value of the partnership.


Gulden wants to grow into a globally accepted payment method that is easy to use for everybody. It is a very easy to use way to send and receive payments. At this time there are more than 150 stores and restaurants (mainly in The Netherlands) that accept Gulden as a payment method. “It is key to the international exposure of Gulden that it is visible to a bigger crowd. The event in Rotterdam (Rhoon), which is held from the 7th till the 10th of june this year, will be the launch of the European Tour, where Gulden is positioned as the Official Partner.” says Van den Hoogen.


The upcoming popularity of digital payment methods can be a big chance for sports in general. There are special coins for sportsfans and after the Danish club Rungsted Ceier Capitals being the first club in the world signing a contract with the main sponsor being specialized in cryptocurrency, the FootGolf Capital Cup is the first organization who actually starts a partnership with a digital payment method.

Van den Hoogen sees a lot of benefits to this proposition. “The block chain-technology can stir up sports in a positive way. It would not surprise me if more partnerships between sports and digital payment methods would be founded in the near future. The difference between “old-fashioned” sponsorship is that with this deal a whole community stood up and decided to back this partnership. A solid foundation that will benefit both FootGolf and Gulden in the long run.

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