Media: QuoteNet- Gulden can be used again in Groningen

Media: QuoteNet- Gulden can be used again in Groningen

Crypto revolution in the north of the Netherlands. Gulden, the crypto coin developed by Rijk Plasman, will be accepted as a means of payment this afternoon in a handful establishments in Groningen.

Politicians like Thierry Baudet and Geert Wilders can celebrate. The guilder is back. In Groningen, our former currency can be used as a means of payment in various catering outlets as from Friday afternoon. Just, for all too chauvinistic and nostalgic types: it’s not about the old coins and crispy notes with the Snip and Joost van den Vondel on them that can be slid over the tap again, it’s the cryptocoin with the same name. Founder is Rijk Plasman, the son of the well-known lawyer. That he is called Rijk (translates as Rich) is a ‘logical’ coincidence, he thinks.

Earlier this year, Quote spoke to the coin ‘brewer’ about the currency. Just to avoid any misunderstandings. Rijk Plasman itself is not an eerie anti-European activist, nor is he a Forum for Democracy supporter with a nostalgic desire for the Florijn, the mother currency of the Netherlands. The founder wants to use Gulden to create a digital payment system to make payments more efficient and safe. It must be possible for Gulden to co-exist with the Euro. Despite criticism on low interest rates, most people still trust their bank. With Gulden, we work day and night to improve payments.

He himself is only involved in improving the technology. Together with the South African programmer Malcolm MacLeod and others, he is working on a process to improve accessibility. Gulden must be the modern means of payment in which two people can transfer money to each other via so-called blockchain technology without the intervention of a bank or other predatory money intermediary. “I’m only interested in practical applications. If you can’t do anything with a cryptocoin, it has no value,‘ says Plasman. “I believe in blockchain technology. That is the new Internet. The Internet of the Internet. But who survives? When the Internet came, we thought that WorldOnline would gain world domination, but that company was flying like an Icarus against the sun. Also because there was a lot of greed in the market.”

It has to be said. Anyone with a computer or smartphone can buy Gulden. You install the free Gulden software and via Ideal the digital Florins will plough into your account. The fact that the currency has a certain popularity is striking. A Gulden is currently valued at €0.075049. 

Here is the list of bars where you can pay with Gulden as from this afternoon:

And don’t forget to pay for a Taxi with Gulden at Taxi Noord after the pub tour!

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