Gulden in Figures: May

Gulden in Figures: May

Gulden in figures for the month May 2018, by Aat de Kwaasteniet. These are the average daily prices of Nocks and Bittrex.

Amount of Gulden in Circulation

1 May 31 May Growth by Mining
G468.099.600 G469.934.600 G1.835.000
Block 730771 Block 749121 Amount of blocks 18350



1 May 31 May Change
€0,0873 €0,0780 -10,6%

The lowest price was on: 29 May €0.0709.
The highest price was on: May 8th €0,0927.
The moving 30-day monthly average over the month of May was €0.0817. That means a difference of +1%. Compared to the previous month.

In the first half of the month, price showed a somewhat higher turnover followed by a downward trend in the second half of the month. Nevertheless, the monthly average is 1% higher than in April. In fact it can therefore be said that the Gulden price has remained fairly stable over the last two months. Also this month it was often the case that Nocks took over the lead from Bittrex because the price was up on Nocks on average 0.3 euro cents higher than on Bittrex. A recurring phenomenon. The volume share of Nocks is averaged over the month at 55% and bittrex 38% and the rest of the volume is distributed among the other suppliers.

Historical Numbers

The annual chart also shows that we are at approximately the same level as last autumn.

Date May 2014 May 2015 May 2016 May 2017 May 2018
NLG-Price €0,0005 €0,0009 €0,0017 €0,0499 €0,0817
Difference* +80% +89% +2835% +63%
Tradevolume €18.358,22 €18.724,64 €45.095,96 €3.232.162,36 €3.358.740,41

*compared to last year

Total Tradevolume

May was also characterised, for the fourth month in a row, by a stagnating market. Because of the low exchange rate trade was weak as in the previous month. Only 41,329,636 Gulden were traded, slightly less from last month.

Growth of Slackmembers

We have welcomed 22 new members on slack this month and are now at 2763.
The number of people who are active daily fluctuates around 270 users per day, which is slightly less than previous month. The three peaks in the graph show when there is a news update. On 2 May it was announced that all development activities are publicly held on Github, on 9 May it became known that the iOS wallet was renewed and the FootGolf action came in the media and on May 15 it was confirmed that the long-awaited PoW2 release is going to be released on June 28th.

New Retailers over the last two Month: – Painter 
Bananenboxer – Market stall. See Video – Electronic Thingies – Drinks & Bites in Ede – Art

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