The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown

The above tweet from Gulden’s main developer Malcolm MacLeod marks the countdown for the event a lot of people have been waiting for. The start of witnessing, which will be available this friday. It will propel the Gulden Blockchain into a complete new era. And it’s actually not just a huge milestone for Gulden. It also marks an important event in human history. Never before people were able to use a currency not issued by a government and being completely safe, combining the best of both POW and POS techniques. Never before people were able to electronically transfer money to wherever on the globe without using a third party and paying large fees in such a quick and easy manner, with stable and user friendly wallets. It is now even possible to earn interest, without having a bank investing your money in funds you really don’t want to be involved in, just from your home! 

-“How a ‘few’ bits and bytes will shape the future of mankind.”-

Download a wallet today and be part of this event. So you can tell your grandchildren that you were there!

To learn more about the current update roll-out read this article.

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