More and more entrepreneurs start with accepting Gulden payments. Sometimes helped and supported a little by people from the Gulden community. And why not, what do you have to lose as an entrepreneur? Nothing really! Accepting Gulden payments is done within three minutes and after that it merely manages itself.

The advantage is that it is cheaper than a standard PIN/debit card or iDeal transaction, especially for entrepreneurs who do just a few transactions or mostly small amounts. You don’t need an expensive (pin) terminal with the corresponding monthly subscription fees. You only pay a small fee per transaction, that’s all. Gulden is very suitable for so-called micro payments because of its low costs. But accepting larger amounts is also possible!

A lot of supporting material has been designed by the Gulden Community and is available freely. For example this ‘We accept Gulden’ poster for on the counter. It certainly will trigger customers to ask questions about it. Spread the news!

To Business:

Accepting a Gulden Payment costs a retailer using the Nocks Checkout App developed for this purpose €0.05 per transaction. Nocks is a payment service provider dedicated completely to the Gulden Eco-System. For this small fee you’ll get a nice overview of all transactions for your accountant and payment in Euros if you choose. This can be set in the app at your own discretion or preference.


Are there any risks involved in implementing Gulden in my company? Those price fluctuations for example? No, you can be paid-out in euros directly. This is adjustable in the Nocks Checkout app. Payment will be completely automatic. And no risks with price fluctuations. E.g. You want to sell something for 100 Euro, then the customer pays with Guldens with his app, but you get 100 Euro via Nocks.

Manual to start with the Nocks Checkout App.

Follow this guide to start as a company with the acceptance of Guldens.
Nocks Checkout EN


Start with Gulden now and report your business to these ‘Golden Pages’.

Useful links is the payment provider that offers different services to retailers to accept gulden payments. is the official Gulden website.
Video about Gulden: What is it, how does it work.
Video: How does a Gulden payment work in ‘real life’?
Global map of Gulden Retailers.
More imagery material, stickers etc..
Official Guldenlogo’s.


For webshops so far we have:
Magento M1 en M2
Easy Digital Downloads
Download here the latest plugins:

Who’s working already with Gulden?

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